Our thoughts: Paralysed man walks again with help of brain power

The news about a man affected by spinal cord injury (SCI) who has been able to walk again is an exciting development. However, we  believe that much more work is needed before this is widely offered to the thousands of people who are paralysed in the UK and worldwide. 

The priority right now is for disabled people to
 receive the medical and practical support they need to adjust to life with SCI. The work we do shows that life doesn't have stop if you're paralysed and people can still live a great and fulfilling life.

This is a huge medical development but there is still much to be done to improve the day-to-day lives of people with SCI.
 We still see people struggling with the basics, such as getting out and about and living the life they want to live. Research also shows that only 17% of people with spinal cord injury are in employment. 

Our wheelchair skills training, mentoring service and residential courses rebuild independence and confidence after a devastating injury. We also support people to overcome the challenges of returning to work or school.

At Back Up, we welcome this development but our main focus is still to provide the practical support to everyone affected by SCI. 

For further information or interviews, please contact Catarina Demony on catarina@backuptrust.org.uk or 020 8875 1805