Mentoring goes full circle thanks to Serious Law

Will Clark Boma
Two and a half years ago at age 27, Will Clark was taking part in a charity cycle ride when a stick got caught in his front wheel.  He was thrown over the handlebars and the resulting impact caused a complete spinal cord injury at C4 resulting in complete paralysis from the shoulders down.

Will found it very difficult to adjust to his injury, it turned his life upside down and had a devastating impact on him and his family.  Back Up put him in touch with a mentor, Andy, who had the same level of injury but who was 6 years further down the line.  Andy had faced many of the same issues that Will was dealing with but had come out the other side and was living a full life, running his own business and volunteering for a charity.

The mentoring calls transformed Will’s perception of his situation and helped him to see things more positively.   Will’s mum commented on how mentoring transformed Will’s life: “I’m so grateful to Back Up, you have given me my boy back.”

Will is now living independently with the support of a personal assistant and has himself trained as a mentor and schools advocate to help others in a similar situation.  Today saw him make his first mentoring call to support another person with a spinal cord injury.

The transformation in Will and others like him would not happen without our generous supporters and volunteers. Funding from Serious Law helped us to run the mentor training weekend which trained Will earlier this year.

“When I spoke to Andy just a few weeks after my injury, I was in a bad place, things seemed hopeless.  Andy gave me that bit of motivation I needed and instilled me with positivity and hope for the future.  Today I spoke to the guy I am mentoring for the first time and I think it went well – it’s a great feeling to be able to share your own experience and give something back to help someone else.”

Thanks to all our volunteer mentors and to Serious Law for their continued support of this vital service. Click here for more information about mentoring.