BBC Lifeline appeal to feature Back Up

 Tune in to Back Up's
BBC Lifeline appeal on BBC One, this Sunday 14 June at 4.20pm and Wednesday 17 June on BBC Two at 1pm. Region times may vary.

Our appeal will be presented by star of TV Broadchurch, Rev and Peepshow, Olivia Colman, and will tell the stories of two people affected by spinal cord injury, Clair Turnbull and Joe Lockington. It also features one of our mentors, Matt King who appeared in Back Up's last appeal.

BBC Lifeline is a ten-minute programme which works with charities to highlight health conditions and other issues facing the public in Britain today, encouraging viewers to donate and to help to tackle them. We need your help to spread the word about our appeal so we can raise awareness about spinal cord injury among as many people as possible. 

Our appeal will show viewers how spinal cord injury impacts on people's lives. Aside from the physical impact, spinal cord injury has a significant psychological impact on the person with the injury and their family. A spinal cord injury can be devastating but we believe that it should not prevent anyone from getting the most out of life. 

Clair's story

Clair was injured in a terrible car accident while travelling in Africa. Her spinal cord was severed. "When I realised that I wouldn't walk again it really felt at that time as if life as pretty much done really," Clair said. Back Up helped her re-capture her appetite for life following an activity course in the Lake District. Since then, she has climbed mountains, crossed lakes, trained as a clinical psychologist and became a mother. 

Joe's story


Joe had dreams of becoming a rock star. Everything changed three years ago. Joe had a blood clot on his spinal cord which had caused a stroke. He almost died. The stroke had permanently paralysed Joe from the neck down. Joe's mum contacted us after Back Up's last Lifeline appeal. Joe was matched with a Back Up mentor with personal experience of the challenges he was facing and he went on one of Back Up's activity courses. "Meeting Back Up made me realise that I can still go out and watch gigs." Back Up changed his life. 

Take a look behind the scenes at the making of the appeal. You can find pictures here.

Help us spread the word about the appeal

1. Share our posters and info graphics with your friends, family and colleagues

Download the posters and info graphics here and post on your Facebook and/or Twitter page. You can also print them and put up at your workplace, spinal unit, hospital, university or school. 

We've also made signs that you can print and take a picture with, and share on social media using the hasgtag #BackMeUp. Download it here

2. Join the conversation on Twitter

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Together we can change lives of people w/ spinal cord injury. Watch @backuptrust #BBCLifeline, BBC Two, Wednesday 17 June, 1pm #BackMeUp

#BBCLifeline appeal will inspire more people who are paralysed to transform their lives.  BBC Two, Wednesday 17 June, 1pm #BackMeUp

Support @backuptrust #BBCLifeline to raise awareness of spinal cord injury. Watch it on BBC Two, Wednesday 17 June, 1pm #BackMeUp

3. Spread the word by sharing our appeal

It would be great if you could share the BBC Iplayer link to Back Up's appeal after it goes live. It will be available to watch on from 12pm on Thursday 11 June. 

Thank you so much for your support!