Impact of Back Up's outreach and support service

“I learnt lots of new skills – back wheel balance, floor to chair transfers, efficient pushing and the method for getting up a kerb with a handshake! The sessions should be state funded!”
John (para from general hospital) 


In 2011/12 88% of our wheelchair skills participants increased in confidence, 85% learnt new skills, 69% felt life was more manageable.

Back wheel balance

Wheelchair skills are essential to independence, confidence and participation. People struggling to adjust to injury are often those who are less likely to seek out help. Peer support is a vital part of the support needed for positive adjustment. Acceptance of injury, social support, positive reappraisal, and problem solving are the most effective strategies for coping/adjustment and link to lower anxiety & depression (Kennedy etc)

Impact of outreach regular telephone contact:

 86% feel supported, 48% signposted to relevant services, 74% more aware of possibilities of life after SCI.


“I first met Michael providing a wheelchair skills class at Southport about a day into my wheelchair life. With that connection, I still always get a kick out of his calls as they take me back to that time when I was very vulnerable before I could see the possibilities for me living with SCI”