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Charity of the Year partnerships

A Charity of the Year partnership with Back Up is a great way for your company to engage its employees as well meet CSR objectives. As a Charity of the Year partner, you will work with a dedicated and experienced account manager who will make sure that your business is getting the most out of the relationship. 

Back Up is proud to have F&C Investments as their  Charity of the Year partner through 2012. During the first year of the partnership in 2010, F&C employees raised over £58,000 and the organization exceeded its employee engagement and volunteering targets as well! 

Employee Engagement

Back Up supports its partners by offering a wide range of activities to get your employees involved with the charity.  From taking part in our fundraising challenges, volunteering at events or in our office, to participating in our Corporate Buddy scheme, Back Up can support your company to engage employees at many different levels. 

"I would definitely recommend other companies to send their employees on Back Up courses as Corporate Buddies because it provides such a new and refreshing challenge.  It has given me confidence to do and say the things that I want to and going forward I hope to use this new found confidence at work."  Anna Davis, Azurri Communications, 2010


Becoming a major supporter of a Back Up event, service, or publication may be just what your company needs to get that extra exposure, reach potential customers and make a real and profound impact on people's lives.

“Back Up Mentoring Scheme has achieved tremendous success. It has proven to be a critical lifeline for people who have sustained a spinal cord injury. Harris Cartier is proud to be the sole corporate supporter of a mentoring scheme which enhances the quality of people's lives.”
Vanessa Hills, Partner, Harris Cartier llp

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Get your company involved in this new online payroll giving campaign.  Find out more information about this new and exciting way to support Back Up here .

Cause Related Marketing

Back Up also works alongside its partners through 'cause related marketing' campaigns, which can help your company’s brand awareness as well as increase sales through a co-branded marketing campaign.  83% of British consumers have purchased a product or service through a 'cause related marketing' campaign, and 50% say they automatically feel more positively towards a company or product associated with a charity!

If you would like further information on becoming a Back Up Corporate Partner please contact Micah by email or give him a call on 020 8875 1805.