Charity partnership to influence NHS

Aspire, Back Up and SIA are delighted to have won the opportunity to receive guidance and support that will put spinal cord injured people at the heart of decision-making on NHS service provision.  The awarding organisation, Neurological Commissioning Support (NCS) chose the three national charities over a list of contenders, for a programme of support funded by the Department of Health. 

NCS will support the three charities over the next 18 months to gather a range of information that will be used to inform NHS commissioners and ultimately ensure better NHS services for people affected by spinal cord injury.

Sue Thomas, CEO at NCS says:

“When you put people at the heart of decision-making about their own care and treatment, you get services that are not only better, but more cost-effective as well. The patient voice is incredibly valuable, and can bring innovative ideas that improve services and keep people out of hospital.”

Stef Cormack, Head of Services at Back Up says:

“Aspire, Back Up and SIA work in partnership to achieve best outcomes for people affected by spinal cord injury.  We are all thrilled to be accepted for commissioning support. We look forward to working with NCS and commissioners to help make a difference to the lives of people with spinal cord injury and to give people living with spinal cord injury a greater voice in decisions about service provision.”