Westys warriors pulling and pushing Barry up to the top of Ben Nevis

Barry West and the Warriors on the way to the top

Last year a chance meeting in a pub after a gruelling day climbing in the Scottish Highlands led to a random conversation between a mountaineer called Graeme Morrison and Barry West, a tetraplegic of 15 years and his team of ‘Warriors’.  The essence of the conversation was that over the next couple of years they would team up and train religiously in order to climb the biggest mountains in England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland.  This would ultimately lead up to tackling the mighty Kilimanjaro in 2012!  

This weekend, they conquered Ben Nevis.  Barrys 18-strong team helped to push, pull, drag and carry him to the summit.  It took just over 12 hours and it was nothing short of the most incredible expedition. 

It is believed no one in a wheelchair with Barry’s level of disability has ever previously reached the summit of Ben Nevis in the snow. 

There was an incredible feeling of elation amongst the group, resulting in some very emotional and teary moments.  All of their hard work, dedication, mental and physical strength had paid off!   

Barry said  ‘We all knew it was going to be tough, but we may not have realised just how tough. However, we’re not stopping here;  Our next challenge is to climb Snowdon, which we’re doing in July and fundraising for Back Up’