Fab stats and great impacts: Back Up in 2012

At Back Up our financial year runs May to April so now is a good time for us to look back over the past year and see what we have accomplished. In the past twelve months over 500 newly injured people have registered to get support from us. We have trained 481 people in wheelchair skills; this includes 73 people in powerchair skills, and 27 under 18’s. 

We feel it’s really important to understand and be able to demonstrate what impact our services have so we ask people questions to see if it’s made a difference. After attending a wheelchair skills session 64% of participants found life more manageable, 84% learnt new skills and a whopping 86% felt more confident

Our outreach and support team also regularly speaks to people on the phone who have registered for support with us. Over the past year they have been in touch with 760 people. After being in touch with us 77% of people were more aware of the possibilities of life with a spinal cord injury, 62% were signposted on to other services, and a huge 96% said they felt more supported.

We had 80  new mentoring relationships, with 96% achieving their personal goal; 102 people went on a course or a taster day and 99% of participants & volunteers would recommend our courses to a friend; and 30 young people were supported through our schools inclusion service

We’d like to say a massive thanks to all the volunteers who give up their time, without them our services wouldn't exist. We’d also like to thank all the hospital staff and other professionals who support Back Up and encourage people to get involved with us.

Over the next twelve months we are aiming to reach even more people, including people with higher levels injuries, and people who have sustained an injury over the age of fifty. So watch this space and we’ll keep you updated on how we’re getting along.