Back Up Mentors Young Trustee

As Trustees' week continues we want to introduce you to Ben Cook, a young person who is keen to learn about becoming a Back Up trustee and what we are doing to support him to get there. 

"As a Back Up group leader on courses, it is amazing to experience first hand the positive impact that you can have on people:  that there is a good life after a spinal cord injury.  I am also a member of the youth advisory group at Back Up.  We are a group of children and young people who give strategic guidance to the organisation on how to improve services for Under 18s. 

I’m interested in being a trustee at Back Up to experience that positive impact I can have behind the scenes and to bring a voice to children and young people.  I am currently being mentored by Back Up’s Chair of Trustees, Becky Hill, who is supporting me to get to grips with the board structure and process.

I attended a board meeting for the first time to observe how it all works.  It was really helpful to see the board in action.  You can read about it but until you experience it first hand you do not really know what goes on.  Becky gave me a call and we went through every aspect of the Board papers so I knew what it was about and I felt fully prepared.

I’ve heard so much about the Board of Trustees so it was incredible to finally meet them.  It was amazing to see the same passion and dedication from the Board that the front line staff and volunteers show.  It was interesting to see what information comes up to the Board level and all the different things that I didn’t think about, like the legal side of things and various sub committees.  When we broke out into small groups to discuss policies I joined in and gave my opinions on how we could improve things.  It felt good to participate at that level."

Thank you Ben for all your time and committment you are giving to the Board!