Back Up Chair comments on breaking news of paralysed man who walks


Today, the world's news has picked up on the exciting story of a paralysed man who, after an operation involving stem cells, can now walk with the aid of a walking frame. Some may say this will offer hope for the millions of people affected by spinal cord injury around the world, however it is important to remember this has only been done on one person so far and much more work is needed before it is widely offered to people with spinal cord injury.

Of the 1,000 people newly injured each year, and the 40,000 people living with spinal cord injury in the UK it is vital that people with spinal cord injury have access to the specialist medical care and the practical support to get back to work, school and to live daily life to the full.

Becky Hill, Back Up's Chair says on Sky News:

"Back Up offers services that help people affected by spinal cord injury to go back to work, do well at school and live an active and fulfilling life.  The developments are really interesting but I will continue to live my life to the full and will watch this space."

You can watch part of the interview here or tune in to Sky news this evening to watch it in full.

At Back Up we offer the vital help and support for the here and now. 

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